Monday, February 27, 2012

Some things, we CAN not live without!

plant holder  retail $20.00

pen holder  retail $10.00

utensil holder retail $20.00

coin bank  retail $10.00

coasters set of four retail $12.00

Alphabet SOUP

Here are our  latest STONES projects!
This set retails for $20.00

This set retails for $20.00

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Difference in Style

We have different styles in our artistic endeavors, both of which are exciting to share.  Here is a little difference in style from the STONES side of our work.

Mix n Match of Genres

After a while, the painting of rocks and making of things with sticks gets to a point where you just want to break away from them for a while and explore other options.  The following roses were born from the idea ...
 that you just can't get enough of a good thing!

 However, at the end of the day, it is always nice to know that no matter when we work on a project, in the end, it can all be tied together and made into yet another beautiful project.  Here are the air brushed roses placed in the Sticks n Stones frames recently created.


Winter scene

Butterflies are our latest attraction

Inspired by a trip to the islands

Red White and Blue 

Here fishy fishy

Stallion in the Moonlight

Just in time for lots o' Luck...

Just a few of the latest STONES that have been painted.  We both have a creative side, however our styles differ quite a bit.  Either way, we enjoy the time we can spend together by working on these projects whenever time allows.

The Process

The process of designing is a complicated one.  Or is it?  Everyone interprets "art" differently.  If that were not the case, the world would be pretty dull.  The process of creating the frames that we make is fairly simple.  We find sticks that have a unique feature, we cut them up and we begin placing them on a pre cut wood frame.  The end result is NEVER the same, but for us, that is what makes it so creative!

beginning with different sizes of sticks
pre cut frame
painted with black or left natural depending on the type of wood used.

No two are alike

Oak trees, Cottonwood, and Elm are all readily available in the Northern California area that we live in.  On a recent trip to visit my daughter and her family, we discovered a huge Pine tree that didn't mind one bit tha twe used some of it's fallen branches to create a few more frames this weekend.  We love how both sides of the sticks can be used, including some of the other natural items found when cutting the limbs into sticks.  Seeds, leaves, even pods can be utilized in this fun art.